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Property Management

We also manage your property


Blue Playa Rentals offers Property Management Services

Manage and collect the payment of the revenues of the Property (ies) as well as use part of this income collected from the rentals to make payments for contracted services in the property as well as the obligations that the property acquire, check the proper state of conservation and repair of the Property or Properties that are specified in this contract, the foregoing will be carry on as follows:


a) Verifications and attention of the Property (ies).

If the property is not rented, a weekly inspection will be performed to ventilate and verify that all services works properly such as faucets, pipes, toilets, air conditioners, water pumps, electrical equipment, electrical systems, verification of damp and leaks, pests, and / or damage that may have the property or it goods, this service is limited only to verification, if any of the above services have any damage a written report will be sent to the owner that will explain the gravity and urgency of care required in which it will provide competitively priced quotes for repair, change, renovation or repair.

In no way no work will be carry out without the prior written permission via email from the Owner, which shall specify the quote and the amount authorized for the accomplishment of work.

All the services and repairs performed will be supervised and verified by the Property Manager and with previous authorization of the owner.


b) Cleanings

In the property management fees are included 1 basic cleaning per week (no laundry included) when the condo is empty or family, guest or the owner are staying on the condo, when the condo has tenants the cleaning will be charged directly to the clients, this service includes the product such as pinol, cloro, windex and sarricida if you need a special product it will have an extra cost, garbage bags, brooms, mops and buckets are not included in the service. If the Owner requires and extra cleaning, it has an extra cost , and includes materials and cleaning articles to do it. And must be request by email to be performed.

The Property Manager is obligated to supervise and review each of the cleaning and repair jobs that are carried out on the Properties and keep track of dates and details of them.


c) Preventive maintenance

It is advisable to maintain schedule and reporting of Maintenance already made or needed in the Property (also must be in written consent of the Owner to carry out this work).

It is recommended to have a fumigation of the property every 2 months and preventive maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment every certain time, the above has an additional fee and Blue Playa Rentals will hire the services of others to carry them out always trying to get the best service to competitive prices.

The above services are upon the Owner decision to carry them out and Blue Playa Rentals is not responsible of any damage or inconvenient that may happen to the property in case of not having the proper maintenance of the goods.

If the property has the hurricane protection installed, the Property Manager is obligated to prepare the property for contingencies, in the case the property does not have that protection installed and the owner can request a quotation and must send by written the authorization to protect the property Blue Playa Rentals will ask for a price to a specialized company for a temporary protection during the event, the Property Manager will oversee and supervise this work.

Blue Playa Rentals, can supervise any renovation project you may undertake. We also have people who can wait at your property for deliveries of equipment, furniture, or for the installation of services such as Cable and Internet, for these services we will charge either 10% of the value of the service provided if is less than 3,000 pesos or 300 pesos for each hour of supervision, starting on the second hour, the first hour is included in your monthly fee.


d) Payment Management Services

Blue Playa Rentals will use part of the income of the rentals to carry out payments for the property such as property taxes, water, cable and internet services, Maintenance of common areas etc. These payments will be detailed on a monthly account statement that will be sent to the owner.


e) Monthly Statements

The Property Manager will deliver a monthly statement, which will be sent to the owner within the first 10 days of each month, it is duty of the Owner to revise the statement and if he does not agree with any subject, must submit it by writing within the following 5 days of receiving it to clarify the details of the complain, at the same time Blue Playa Rentals is obligated to respond to the claim in the following 5 days after receiving the complain.

After 5 days or receiving the statement if the owner doesn`t respond, Blue Playa Rentals will not accept any claims and will be taken in the understanding that the owner agrees with the balance.

The administrator has the obligation to protect and keep all receipts, deposits and other documents that are related to payments and operation of the Property or Properties and will be deliver to Owner whenever need them, as well as to make deposits from balances or amounts that are in favor of the Owner when indicated. 


f) Attention of tenants

If the property has tenants the Property Manager is obligated to respond to their questions or requirements during all the time period that they live in the property, and will be available on the phone number that will be provided to them, this attention will be in the manner set out in next paragraph.

As for limiting the hours of receiving calls are from 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm., There is a phone available 24/7 for emergencies (taken as an emergency situation in which the safety of tenants and property be compromised as well as the security of property and goods of the same and the surrounding area, in cases such as rupture of a duct or pipe, gas leaks, fire, hurricane damage or some natural phenomenon as long as they do not compromise the safety of the Property Manager and / or its employees).

Regarding the quantitative if there is any damage on the property, the Property Manager, will notify the owner and based on a written authorization the repair will be made. The Property Manager and the owner will agree if the payment will be applied to the owner or tenant, depending and concerned of the use, handling and wear of what is damaged, decayed or broken.

We will be very happy to meet you to talk about the full services we provide for your Property.