Property Management Service

Blue Playa Rentals offers

We started our operation in 2012, we have wide and vast experience in the field. Offering to our customers a personal service and full commitment to protect their investment.

Our main attention is on vacation rentals which obligate us to do a neat and efficient job on the Property Management in order to have all the Properties in the best condition to welcome our guests.

Manage and collect the payment of the revenues of the Property as well as use part of this income collected from the rentals to make payments for contracted services in the property as well as the obligations that the property acquire, check the proper state of conservation and repair of the Property or Properties that are specified in this contract, the foregoing will be carry on as follows:


In the property management fees are included 1 basic cleaning per week (no laundry included) when the In the property Management fee we include 2 basic Cleanings per month which includes the Cleaning products that our crew uses, these cleanings will be performed even when the condo is empty or family, guests and or the owner are staying on the Property.condo is empty or family, guest or the owner are staying on the condo, when the condo has tenants the cleaning will be charged directly to the clients.


We provide a Concierge service for all our guests, which will be attending all their questions and needs, including the check in and check out and attention to maintenance reports.
The concierge also offers services such as Tour information, Car Rentals, Chef Services, Restaurants and Bars information etc.

Maintenance Service

It is advisable to maintain schedule and reporting of Maintenance already made or needed in the Property (also must be in written consent of the Owner to carry out this work).

Verifications and Attention of the Property

The property is inspected every 15 days to check that all services work properly.
The inspection included Ventilation, faucets, pipes, toilets, air conditioners, water pumps, Electrical Equipment, electrical systems, internet and TV services, dampness, leaks, pest and any damage that can show up.

Payment Management Services

Blue Playa Rentals will use part of the income of the rentals to carry out payments for the property such as property taxes, water, cable and internet services, Maintenance of common areas etc. These payments will be detailed on a monthly account statement that will be sent to the owner.

Monthly Statements

The Property Manager will deliver a monthly statement, which will be sent to the owner within the first 10 days of each month, it is duty of the Owner to revise the statement and if he does not agree with any subject, must submit it by writing within the following 5 days of receiving it to clarify the details of the complain, at the same time Blue Playa Rentals is obligated to respond to the claim in the following 5 days after receiving the complain.